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For just $10.00 a month get “recommended” on your profile, to generate more leads for your services or business. Our site offers Furniture, Gazebo, Playset, TV Mounting, Security Camera Installation/Assembly Services and more.

You add your company, fill out the form and add your address and share your listing on your social media, Youtube, link it to your current Website, Google Site and watch the Leads come in. For just $10.00 a month, a $120 a Year, to earn $$$$$, you can’t go wrong. Try posting a Free Listing’s for 365 days to see if it’s a good fit for you and your budget to add this package. (Without Recommended) No TAX

2 reviews for $10 Monthly Listing

  1. Tee

    This package is well worth the ten dollars, when your earning several hundreds, if not thousands of it’s leads… The Recommending, helps us get ore exposure for our services and business. If you assemble furniture or install gazebos or even tv mounting in your area, I recommend this site. It’s free but if you want more, it starts off at $10 bucks.

  2. The Hub

    I am excited to see, if I can earn more with this package… I already use the free listings, but decided to try out the paid one and so far so good…

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