Handyman Services (Ashland)

Handyman Services (Ashland) Handyman Services (Ashland)
Gazebo Installation Yes
Specialty Installs/Assemblies Yes
Phone Number +15414992173

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Our team offers and array of services.
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Starting with landscaping and Home maintenance services.
Remodels bathroom & kitchen. Toilet/shower pan replacement, plumbing pex crimp/shut off valve replacements, copper pipe repairs, carpentry framing windows, doors, decks, platforms also can repair drywall, spray drywall texture, lay tile, woodfloors, linoleum, pergo, LVP, carpet. Clean gutters, roof moss removal, walkways and pressure washing,
skid steer/boncat work, cut and level pads,
Art studio, tiny house, shed, outhouse, canopy, gazebo, gables, platforms, decks, wood mosaic
Basic roofing and siding
Hauling materials up to 8 yards.
Light/Heavy Duty Loads
Lay road felt and pour gravel for roads
Dirt/gravel road maintenance
Dump runs up to 8 yards
14’x7 ‘dump trailer available
Lumber delivery available up to 16ft.
Yard clean up, pruning,
SOP’s on tree and plant care for landscape preservation,
IPM to keep plants healthy and vigorous. We also do landscape maintenance and irrigation, forestry fuel reduction clean up on rural plots
Ashland, Talent Phoenix West Medford, Cemtral Point and Jacksonville are my easiest to get to. Open to other locations depending.
Please email me about rates/quotes or any inquires you might have.
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Ashland OR, if you are needing handyman services, Give them a try!

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