Handyman Furniture Assembly Denver

Handyman Furniture Assembly Denver Handyman Furniture Assembly Denver
TV Mounting Yes
Furniture Assembly Yes
Specialty Installs/Assemblies Yes
Phone Number +13037485151

Handyman Furniture Assembly General house maintenance Painting Ikea (Denver Metro)

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I have been a professional assembler and maintenance tech for 20 years. I know that putting together boxed furniture can turn into a real nightmare.
I can help with all your assembly needs: IKEA , Wayfair, Office Depot, American furniture, Kitchen cabinets assembly and installation, etc for a fraction of the cost that big companies charge.
I provide all the equipment needed.
I can install and locate, upon request, your newly assembled furniture.
I can help you with any maintenance needs as well:
Picture, curtains and blinds install, kitchen cabinets install, toilet and sink install, demolition, interior painting, tile install, light fixture and ceiling fans install, TV Mount, doors and trim painting.
I am a very inventing guy, I can come up to a solution to many household problems.
Furniture assembly charge is $25/ hour ( minimum 2 hours) and $20 flat travel fee.
Maintenance charge is $35/hr(minimum of 2 hours) and $20 flat travel fee.
Take a look at some of the projects I have put together.
Give me a call to further discuss you maintenance or assembly needs.
☎️ Tim at 303-748-5151 to schedule



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