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*For years I assembled Residential Furniture, Office Furniture, & Exercise Equipment for both Geek Squad and HH Greg where I received extensive Experience & Training.
Offering “Premium” Furniture/Equipment assembly at the same High Quality as your local “Rooms to Go” or “Ikea” would offer, but at nearly HALF the Price (they charge $250 & Up)!!
Im FULLY INSURED (carry Ins. Id card) , do this FULL-TIME, and have a BUSINESS WEBSITE (Google…. Capital-Installations)


If you don’t receive service by the end of your Appointment Day, we will mail you a check for $99!!
Thats an Example of my Service………Who else does that??


A Common Misconception is that all Furniture Assembly is the same. It is NOT!! There are many “Shortcuts” that can be taken such as mixing up the screws and hardware, or even leaving out certain Screws that you the Consumer will Not be able to notice even if you are watching the guy assemble it.
You may be able to find someone for $10 or $20 less, but why take a chance w your nice Furniture or Equipment?
OR you may be able to find someone who will come in for $30-$50 an hour, but what good will that do if they take 4-5 hours and then hit you with the Bill!! Again, my Assembly is “Premium”, following and Understanding the Manufacturers Instructions just like Rooms to Go or Geek Squad would…… but at a fair and competitive price!
Remember……”You ALWAYS get what you pay for”.

*AND please visit my Website for more helpful information, examples of my work, and many Customer Testimonials by simply clicking on the 2nd pic above for my site address.

Now, please read on………..


Have you just purchased a nice piece of Furniture or Exercise Equipment and your wondering who will do a Good job putting it together for you?
You know that it needs to be done Correctly or it wont look right or even worse, creek, or wobble!
Who can you Trust to do a Quality Job, and do it Right the First time?


Hire a former “Geek Squad” Sr. Installer to do it!
Yes, as I mentioned before I’m a former Geek Squad & HH Gregg Sr. Installer whose offering his services for about HALF what the Rooms to Go or other Large Furniture Retailers might charge.
I do this FULL TIME, am FULLY INSURED, and have a business WEBSITE.

With me you will receive the EXACT same Quality (probably better) as if you walked into a Rooms to Go and paid their Installation dept. Twice the $$$ to do it.
My install prices are Fixed based your furniture’s Model and there are No hidden charges or fees. No hourly Rates that lead to Unexpected charges or “Surprises”. When I give you a Quote, its Honored.
With Hundreds of pieces of Furniture and Equipment assembled by me Personally and over 25 years of Experience, No one will do a better job for you!
And yes, there are “handymen” here on CL that claim they can do it all, and “claim” they will save you a few dollars, but there maybe “hidden charges” and low quality work. Why take a chance with your nice Furniture or Equipment? Remember the old saying………”You always get what you pay for”.


This varies based on your Furniture, but please feel free to send a Link, Pic of the box, or Model #
and I reply back promptly w a No Surprises Quote.


I ordered a Living Room set from Rooms to Go but I obviously needed it assembled. The price they wanted was nothing short of Outrageous, so I contacted Capital Installations. He was very Kind and Professional w his questions and willingness to help. The Quote was more than fair, so I made an Appointment. He showed up on time, did an amazing job, and even left the work area clean. My Highest Recommendation goes to Capital Installations!
Jason B.

Raleigh, NC

After Receiving my Dining Room set from Wayfair, my Husband tried to put it together…….Unsuccessfully!
So I gave these guys a call and they were able to come out within 24 hrs. Mark the owner did a great job at a very fair price.
Ive already recommended them to my neighbors and friends, and recommend them to anyone who needs their Furniture assembled.
Garner, NC

Ive used Capital Installations in the past to install my TV’s and was very pleased, so I called Mark and asked if he could put my office desk together. He came out and did a flawless job and at a very reasonable price.
Thanks Capital Installations.
Patel M.
Morrisville, NC

*Additional CONSUMER WARNINGS: (even if you don’t use me, pay heed to these proven Warnings)……..

1-AVOID using “handymen” who are a few dollars less, as I have been a witness to their poor quality work.
2-Be LEARY of using a “Furniture Installers” off Craigslist. Over the years its been their work that I’m often called back out to to repair. Most of these guys are waiting around for the phone to ring, while I do this Full time and have a Professional Website. I use CL Only as a supplement to my website.
(google “Capital Installations in Raleigh, NC”)
3-Avoid buying Cheap or Poorly made Furniture/Equipment such as what you might find on Amazon or other internet sites. The Quality is often Poor and the hardware of a low quality. Do your Research!
4-Never allow a “Moving company” to assemble your Furniture; they are movers for a reason, lol.
5-Don’t have REGRET because you tried to save a few dollars or you were in a rush. Assembling Furniture isn’t like assembling a child’s toy; Have it done right the First time.

Corona-virus Health Notice-
People are still buying Furniture and having it delivered and assembled in their Homes!
Right now many of us have more time on our hands than ever to get that piece of Furniture or Equipment we’ve all dreamed about. But the Health concern is obviously there. I am a One-man operation meaning I work alone w no employees. I am in excellent Health and monitor it closely. I can come into your home, be left alone in the room w the Furniture and have it assembled very quickly without any interaction w your family. I also wear a N95 mask for everyone’s protection upon Request. Its simple, safe, and quick.

*I offer a FREE No Pressure Consultation by phone to Explain the Process and answer any questions you may have, so please Call, or Text me .
Even if you don’t use me, I’m still happy to offer good advice.

919 999-6686
*For the Fastest possible Service please TEXT; otherwise please Call or simply Reply to this Ad.
I’m busy because Ive been doing this for so long and have a good reputation in the area, so if you miss me just leave a message and I will call you back by the end of the day.

*Please visit my Web page by doing a quick search for “Capital Installations in Raleigh”. There you will find more helpful information along with examples and Testimonials about my work.
(former Geek Squad Sr Tech)

**I also offer Expert TV, Ceiling Fan, and Fixture Installations !!

Industry Note:
I don’t flag my competitors Ads as its Unprofessional.


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Need Help? Give them a try and see what they can do for you. Furniture Assembly Services Raleigh NC

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